Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can see a comprehensive and useful section of the most Frequently Asked Questions. Anyway, if you still have some doubts or still need some more informations, you can write me a direct message and I will be happy to help. Go to the Contacts Page to see all my contacts and social medias.

An Expert Advisor (or Bot) is a Trading Software that is working automatically (or semi-automatically) and so it is able to replicate a specific trading strategy through an algorithm developed by a Trader / Programmer. You will have one of the best automatic trading software in your hands and you won’t have to lift a single finger once installed.

Quantical EA works for you, but you can control and direct its work at any time if you want: in fact, with just a single click you can activate and deactivate the software, or you can close the open trades at any time and prevent the opening of new trades. You always have full control of your Trading Account whenever you think to need it.

Quantical Expert Advisor works on MetaTrader 4 platform. MT4 is probably the most common trading platform in the world, and it is totally free, and it is widely used by the majority of the CFD brokers out there.

Installing the Quantical EA into your own MetaTrader 4 platform is very easy, and it takes only few minutes. However, if you need help with the installation process I am always happy to help: so in this case simply contact me and I will drive you through the entire process.

Quantical EA works on 7 different TimeFrames/Pairs in order to diversify the entries and in order to spread the risks among different market approaches. Here is the full list: EurUsd 15M timeframe, GbpUsd 15M timeframe, EurUsd H1 timeframe, GbpUsd H1 timeframe, Gold(XauUsd) H1 timeframe, EurUsd H4 timeframe, GbpUsd H4 timeframe, AudUsd H4 timeframe.

Quantical EA is a 100% Automatic Trading Software that operates exclusively on Forex and Gold on different Time Frame. Any pair has a different strategy then the other ones, in order to spread the risks as much as possible, and smoother the resulting equity line. It works based on soldi statistical and mathematical concepts.

As per any other software, a VPS is not mandatory but it is very very recommended. A VPS (Virtual Private Server) is basically a computer always turned on and always connected on the internet, and it guarantee the perfect functioning of the softwares. The price for a good vps is very low, so there is no reason to don’t grab one!

First thing first: nobody can guarantee future results, and so nobody can either guarantee that a software will keep performing exactly as it did in the past.  However, Quantical EA is trading live since January 2017, so more than 6 years, and this long period of time can give us a clear idea on how good and stable the strategies are. 

As already said, even if I cannot guarantee future results to be cristal clrear and serious, however I can tell you how much profit it did in the past: the average monthly profit had been more than 7% per month using my own risk preferences, with a historical maximum drawdown of less than 15%. Now, you can be more conservative or more aggressive than me, it depends entirely up to you and up to your risk preferences.

Running the software matching perfectly my own risk settings, you will need a minimum of 500 dollars account. However, I have clients that started with 250 usd, knowing they simply doubled my risk (and my profit then). So my advice is to start with at least 500 usd.

You can use Quantical EA on any broker you like, but of course better the broker’s conditions better the performances. I personally use IC Markets, TopFx and VantageFx. If you need to open a new trading account, contact me first, you can have a discount on the Quantical EA opening a new account through my partner link.

If you need to open a new trading account, contact me first, you can have a discount on the Quantical EA opening a new account through my partner link. The brokers I work with are: IC Markets, TopFx and Vantage Fx.

You can always monitor the activity of your Quantical EA in real time from your Android or iOS Smartphone through the Metatrader 4 App simply by logging in with your credentials. So you can check the results and the operativity whereven and whenever you like.

Yes, I am running other interesting projects alongside Quantical EA. The other 2 main projects are Neutrix Trading System (that is a a complete trading course where I show you few manual strategy that I personally use to trade the markets everyday) and Volcast Options Trading (that is a project about the Vanilla Options).