Who am I


My name is Tommaso Nardini, I come from Italy, and I have been a Trader for about 15 years and I am also a software developer / programmer specialized in the trading field.

I have a scientific mentality and a solid scientific background, that is why I love to build software and mechanical strategies to trade the markets, along side my manual daily trading. 

All of my strategies and tactics are based on mathematics and statistics, and based on objective and concrete concepts, and not on discretional approach.

As a manual trader I mainly trade futures contracts on Ninja Trader Platform, such as SP500, Nasdaq, Dow Jones, Dax and Gold.

As a mechanical trader I mainly trade all the major CFD contracts and Forex pairs.

I also trade the Vanilla Options with my Volcast Method, a Proprietary Strategy based on the analisys of the institutuional volumes.

Over the years, I have participated in many trading courses and seminars organized by various famous traders all over the world. Like probably most of you, the first few years I essentially only lost money on the financial markets: on a theoretical level everything seemed very clear and logical to me, but then when it was time to go live things didn’t ever work as they should have, and this was really frustrating.

I finally understood the reason of my failures only years later: the problem wasn’t the trainer, the strategy or the broker, the problem was me and my approach to the trading subject. So I was able to finally radically change the way of looking at the markets, of studying and approaching them, and I was finally able to start earning stable money from it.

Now, all this experience and knowledge is enclosed in all my products, both automatic and manual, and you can benefith from them as well, without wasting your own time and money to reach this level of knowledge by yourself.